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We're small producers doing big things


Producer of panela and coffee from Norandino


Producer of Appta cocoa and president of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras


Coffee producer from Prodecoop R.L.


Citrus producer from Ecocitrus


Beekeeper from Copiasuro R.L.


Cocoa producer from COCABO R.L.

So many producers, so many countries


Copiasuro R.L. 235 peasant families process honey from bees.
FECCEG 1,943 peasant families grow coffee, honey and panela


Prodecoop R.L. 2,300 families produce coffee and honey.
Cooproca R.L. 40 families grow sugar cane for panela production

Costa rica

APPTA 950 peasant families and indigenous Bribri produce cocoa, bananas and fruits.
La Alianza 260 families produce coffee and fruit


COCABO R.L. 1,406 indigenous Gnobe families produce cocoa


Coop Norandino 7,000 peasant families produce cocoa, coffee, bananas and panela.
Coop Oro Verde 1,350 peasant families grow cocoa and coffee


CONAPI families dedicated to agriculture.
Coop Placido Rizzotto 30 families dedicated to the cultivation of wheat, grapevines, tomatoes and legumes


Red Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Brasil brings together 17 agricultural cooperatives and technical support organizations


Coop COSAR 110 peasant families dedicated to beekeeping.
Coop Norte Grande 159 families dedicated to agricultural production and beekeeping


ANAPQUI 12,000 associated families produce real pearl quinoa, red quinoa and black quinoa

We cultivate with wisdom and respect

The cane is harvested every three months, cutting the ripe cane

The cane is broken for the extraction of the juice

The cane juice is heated and manually beaten until it naturally crystallizes

The panela packages are transferred to the containers for their export

Alliance to go far

Chocolate, Panela and Coffee. The sweetness that surrounds you

100% Organic and fair trade products

Products of high nutritional value

Unique taste, aroma, texture and color

Products with unchanging organoleptic properties

Hand-picked and dried in the sun

Handcrafted by the farmers

Alce Nero Products from Italy, made with cocoa, panela and coffee from Cooperativas Sin Fronteras. Alce Nero is a business partner of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras

The sales of panela generate resources for schools and roads

Every year, people from all over the world come to Montero for the panela

The best panela is awarded

The community participates with tastings and selling desserts

International Panela Festival VIII

The pride of our community

Rescuing the people’s food culture

Rescuing the peasant way of life and culture

Restoration of indigenous and peasant knowledge

Safeguarding food sovereignty and safety

Creation of new jobs

Generation of foreign trade for the country

The collective work promotes access to the land, developing and generating wealth for the country

Ex-Vice-President of the
Republic of Perù


The Fair Development

Organic farming captures up to three tons of CO2 per hectare per year

Organic farming nourishes and maintains living soils

Organic farming saves energy and resources

Organic farming produces food without chemical residues, saving public health expenses

Organic farming preserves ecosystems, sustaining biodiversity and humanity

Cultivating biodiversity

Cooperativas Sin Fronteras is an organization of small organic and fair trade producers that care for the land together. More than 20,000 families in 8 countries in Central and South America and southern Europe produce and market healthy and clean food to the world, bringing well-being and development to their communities and territories, and promoting agriculture for life

Farmers care for the land together


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